The Joys of Judgement

After 3.5 years of having an invisible disease you never really get over the judgement that comes along with it.

If you saw me out and about you would never know that anything was wrong with me. Which is good, but also frustrating.
If you saw me parking in...Read More »

World MS Day / 3 Years

Hey everyone!

So it’s World MS Day today and about 3 years since my diagnosis of MS and thought it is a good time for another blog. Even if it is a bit random and jumping from topic to topic,┬áit’s a few things I want to talk about.

It’s definitely been a...Read More »

Having to ask for help

This is going to probably end up being a short blog post, but that’s okay! ?

I basically want to talk about asking for help when it comes to bad days.
This is something I find I’m having to do more and more. Especially during this bad flare up I’ve been...Read More »

Living Life with MS

I know that I’ve written on Facebook what my MS can be like on a bad day, but I thought I would write out something that’s a bit more descriptive.
I also want to say that I do and I will repeat myself a lot in blog posts. Not all...Read More »


So, I finally decided to start a blog.

I will be using this to basically write out life experiences, how I’m feeling and let’s be honest, probably a lot of random crap!
A lot will be on my MS journey, as well as mental health related things.

I will also say/warn that...Read More »